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President ~ Laura Diebold
Vice President ~ Kerry Kirtley
Treasurer ~ Charis Armstrong
Secretary ~ Ann McCabe
Affiliate Rep ~ Guy Leemhuis
Show Coordinator ~ Guy Leemhuis

We are an ASCA affiliate club in Southern California founded by a group of Australian Shepherd owners/breeders/judges who are committed to excellence in our breed.  We love our Aussies and plan to take conformation shows to the next level.

Please know if you attend and hopefully exhibit your dog at one of our shows it will be a memorable experience for you and your dog. We hope to create a positive family atmosphere with a community bonded by love for the breed and each other as the guardians of these superior canines.

Bring the family and friends-the more the merrier. We will also plan some camping opportunities making it fun for the whole family.Lakeside ASC looks forward to sharing many weekends with you and your doggies!!